Word Nerds


Sam and I share a car. Most people look at us with incredulous faces upon learning this, especially in the sprawling, car-dependent metroplex that is DFW. We have found a transportation rhythm that works for both of us, and, with our frazzled, busy lives, the shared car rides provide us captive conversation time we may not otherwise have.

We often find ourselves dreaming or brainstorming, and Verdigris inevitably falls into the center of these conversations. One of our first car dreams when thinking about the vision and future of Verdigris was sharing our music in spaces that classical choral music doesn’t often infiltrate.

Instead of having our normal rehearsal next Monday, Verdigris will be performing a preview of our first concert, Becoming Alive, at the newly opened Interabang Books on Preston Rd. If you haven’t yet visited this colorful, excellently curated bookstore, make a trip as soon as possible. It provides that quietly glimmering, word-saturated space that only independent bookstores can.

Our mascot with various editions of his biography.

Our mascot with various editions of his biography.

Jonathan Greer, our wonderful Verdigris friend, singer, and administrator, is an admirable bibliophile (as are many of our singers...there may or may not be a newly hatched book club forming in the underground passages of our Dallas singer community). He immediately recognized the potential connection with Interabang given the literary foundation of our first concert. What more obvious marriage than that between our Velveteen Rabbit concert and this recently opened book wonderland?

Come join us on Monday for choral music built around a well-loved story performed in a chapel of words. There will also be wine and cheese for those of you not sufficiently enticed by the promise of a word nerd’s living day dream.


This sort of opportunity started as a car dream. And now it’s a real dream. Revel in that absolutely accurate oxymoron. And there will be more of this. Choral music where you haven’t heard it before. There are many kinds of sanctuaries. We’re set on finding them all.

Check out the Interabang Books event here.