OMG Should We Post It


About three days ago we dropped our first video recording into the eternal internet ether. A permanent, public, first representation of the sound of the choir, exposed now to the criticism of anyone whose cares to click.

Naturally charged with the energy and immediacy of live performance, concerts are ephemeral - meant to be consumed and then remembered as a living moment. The shared space and intimacy of audience/singer interaction provide a context of camaraderie and simultaneity.

As we thought about releasing some of the footage, we burrowed deeper and deeper into a tunnel of doubt and self-criticism. After all, this was the first widely accessible recording. Our first impression to all of our internet followers. We were releasing a moment of live performance preserved forever. Canned. Packaged, labeled and irretrievable. No guarantee of friendship or pre-show mingle time to provide a bond of shared context between singer and listener.

As we listened back to footage from both our first and second event, we struggled to hear past the imperfections. The microphones either weren’t high quality or were positioned poorly for balance. With only a total of three hours of rehearsal for each event, we heard certain passages suffering slightly from under-rehearsal. It took a long time to agree on a serviceable first representation. And even now, we bite our nails trying to avoid imagining the reactions of listeners (as these imaginings would of course be based on our own insecurities).

But we did it. We hit the upload button. And now it’s there. For anyone to hear. And we’re proud of it knowing the mammoth effort involved in those first confusing, overwhelming months of launch, and knowing that we have the gift of an exciting upcoming season where we can grow together in sound and vision.

Check it out.

Erinn Sensenig