Can We Just Make Music Already


We’ve all tuned in to our local classical station at various points in the year hoping to catch some morning beauty only to groan and quickly turn to another station after hearing the dreaded sounds of the pledge drive. For public radio dependents, this is an equally necessary and dismal time of year. We want the programs we love to have functional funding, but dammit can we just get back to the music already.

That sentiment accurately sums up this summer of work for Verdigris. Sam and many generous friends and helpers have spent the summer churning through a myriad of funding opportunities and options. Whether meeting with potential donors or figuring out how to make that day’s post on social media an interesting new way of saying “We need money to make this work. Plz help,” this summer has been focused on funding, when all we really want to do is start making music.

Sam’s work with the board and other loyal helpers to raise the funds needed for this coming season have already yielded encouraging results. Primarily through conversation and relationship with donors, a growing crowd of generous supporters surround this fledgling choir. The money offered is necessary and deeply appreciated, but prompting each gift is the donor’s courage to give to the Verdigris vision. While it may have been easier if someone had come along like the fairy godmother of non-profits gently waving a check for the full amount, we would have missed the journey of establishing relationship and connection that will lead to long-term community engagement.

Through donations all under a thousand dollars, with many less than a hundred, Sam and team have raised almost ten thousand dollars towards the launch of this coming season. In order to have a solid start to the season, we need to raise a total of $20,000, and we just crested the halfway point.

If you haven’t already, please join our growing circle of supporters. Asking for help is frightening, but that’s where we are. Our mission of relevant, contextualized choral music with strong community ties depends on having our own strong community behind us.

Thank you for your support, and please keep spreading the word.

We can close the gap!

Erinn Sensenig