"Dallas is..."


Energetic and organized, Erin Thomas, a Verdigris alto, has already proved a valuable addition to our board. She joined the Faces of Dallas committee and quickly started to draw out greater possibilities for the project. With characteristic fearlessness, Erin emailed D Magazine mentioning this project and, within hours, an article was written and discussions for a full-length feature began. Yes, she’s that awesome. We’re so glad to have her on the team of artists and organizers making bringing this completely original project to life.

Over the course of our last two concerts, we have solicited responses from audience members and singers on the prompt “Dallas is…” Last night, at a rehearsal for an upcoming concert in town, I handed her a file folder stuffed with hand-written responses which she will digitize and add to our growing online database.

Faces of Dallas has been difficult to define. Talking to people about it - especially in these early stages - has been like reading a sweeping, non-linear novel and trying to explain to someone “what it’s about.” We continue to grow more excited as we explore the breadth of possibilities and develop the artistic scope of this endeavor.

One of the core components to this concert, the responses to the Faces of Dallas prompt “Dallas is…” will be compiled into a libretto (the lyrics of a large musical work) of an original composition commissioned by Verdigris from composer David Ross Lawn. Responses from Dallas residents that offer creative, diverse perspectives from across the city will be included in this musical tapestry. This collection of responses will form a broad look at Dallas, while the program also delves into the story of four individuals. As the performance travels around the city through the voices of its residents, Lawn’s music and the words of your neighbors will act as our transit from story to story.

When you participate in this project by telling us what Dallas is to you, you have the opportunity to have your voice featured in this ambitious project. Dallas is an incredibly diverse city, and we are working to solicit responses from people across neighborhoods, cultures, and economic strata. To be included in this project, submit your response here.

Along with our documentarian, Erin, we will be working tirelessly to compile the voices of Dallas citizens. Whether handwritten or submitted online, your response will comprise a part of this sweeping endeavor. This city is rapidly changing and growing, and we are excited to tell its story.

We’re so proud to have the SOLUNA Festival as commissioning sponsors of this program. SOLUNA seeks to display diverse art that will enrich the city, and we are honored to have this project chosen to be a part of their vision for the 2019 festival. This program is also sponsored in part by the Dallas Office of Cultural Affairs.

Erinn Sensenig