Watching the Horizon


Two Saturdays ago, Verdigris held its final full length concert of the season at the UTA Planetarium. We sang while the planets swirled across the sea of stars projected on the dome. Audience members were enthusiastic in their response to the immersive concert experience.

Dickie Hill, our fearless photographer, was told by the planetarium staff that it can be very difficult to get good photos in the planetarium with the low light and constant motion. However, he managed to get some incredible shots. Check out this photography wizardry.

After the concert, we retreated to Katrina’s home in Arlington where we raised glasses and distributed paper plate awards to some choir members who offered help, expertise, or caring in particularly impactful ways this year. Just because they deserve a public shoutout, here they are. For always seeing what needed to be done and offering their help without being asked, David and Alex got the Happy Helpers award. For her kindness and cheerful support, Lauren got the Cheerleader award. For demonstrating serious musical prowess in playing crotales while singing, Meredith got the Crotales Queen award. For being an amazing (yet unpaid) administrative assistant, idea bouncer, box office hero, and much more Jonathan got the Swiss Army Man award. For stepping in as sectional leader, and assistant conductor when Sam couldn’t be everywhere at once, Natalie got the Breath Mark Mastress award. For being a human of grace, openness, dependability, and resilience as she passes through change, Katrina got the Velveteen Rabbit award. These and the rest of the singers are seriously wonderful people.

On May 12th, we will announce next season’s lineup of concerts. I can’t wait for you to see what Sam has in the works. On Sunday we attended a performance by Avant Chamber Ballet. And, if it’s any clue as to what’s coming, Avant’s performance made Sam giddy with anticipation. There are some excellent collaborations on the horizon.

Erinn Sensenig