Ion Young Composer Competition


Meredith Tompkins, a Verdigris soprano, joined the Verdigris Ensemble board this summer and brought a clear vision for an important initiative. Meredith is a teacher, composer, and professional soprano, and as soon as she and Sam began discussions about the possibility of her joining the board, she knew that her composition background brought a needed perspective. Over the following weeks, the Ion Young Composer Competition was born.

Meredith joined forces with her committee to create the parameters of the competition, and worked with Sam to determine how best to fit the competition within the Faces of Dallas performance coming this spring. Stephen Zhang, watercolor artist and graphic designer for this season, designed the logo and marketing materials. The winning submissions will be performed at our Faces of Dallas concert. With SOLUNA as commissioning sponsors for that program, the young artists will receive a significant platform and audience for their work.

Verdigris is committed to actively engaging with our community, and as a choir comprised of many teachers, we care deeply about investing in young artists. Every day in the classroom, we see that young people are capable of engaging with the world thoughtfully. We trust that composers as young as high school students have artistic perspectives of depth and beauty to offer the choral repertoire.

Verdigris cares about innovation in the choral field. We are investing in artists in Dallas with the intent of putting our city on the national choral stage as a source of forward-thinking composition and performance.

Visit our Ion Young Composer Competition page for contest details and submission information. If you know a young composer from Dallas, send them our way. If you teach young composers in Dallas, send them our way. We want voices from all neighborhoods, musical backgrounds, and cultural perspectives.

Erinn Sensenig