It Takes a Whole Village


UPDATE: Thanks to your generous donations, we have swiftly raised over $4,000! Thank you to all who have made a tex-deductible contribution. We need just $16,000 more to achieve our goal! 

As a barely hatched arts organization, the majority of grants are not accessible to us. Many organizations require financial records of a least a year (often more) as part of the application - a sensible policy, but one that makes our first year of fundraising very challenging. For this entire upcoming season, we will have to rely primarily on private donors, subscriptions, and ticket sales for our funding.

Especially important as we ask for the trust of private donors, our Open Collective site allows Verdigris to be fully transparent financially. There you can find records of our income, what we spend, and how we spend it. It also helps you know, in a specific way, how your donation helps.

Sam has launched the first part of the 2017-2018 fundraising campaign! If you (yes, YOU reader) want to help a new arts organization get its feet on the ground, and present a season of thoughtful, fresh programming, please make a tax-deductible donation. No donation is too small.

Please visit our Open Collective site for a detailed listing, but here are a few of our most important costs for this coming season:

  • $675 for each singer on a concert

  • $10 for the free admission of a teacher of music or student

  • $975 for artistic collaborators

  • $65.62 for one singer’s music for one concert cycle

If you elect to specifically underwrite one part of the season budget, please let us know. There are some rewards and incentives, online with subscription levels outlined in the season booklet.

We need $20,000 to get our first concert series going. Any amount helps us meet this goal. Visit our Support Us page for an easy, secure online donation process. And share the love! Let your friends know if you donate, and encourage them to get on board. Share it on your favorite social media page.

We intend to serve our community both through concerts and outreach with the funds we receive, and it takes the support of a community of donors (no matter the amount) to make it happen.

Erinn Sensenig