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Katrina Burggraf-Kledas not pictured

Katrina Burggraf-Kledas not pictured

The Verdigris singers met for their second official rehearsal on Monday night. We delved deeper into the music, finding more specific musical shapes and also uncovering the moments that need more practice and individual preparation.

In an ensemble of twelve each singer plays a vital role - every voice is important at every moment. As we rehearsed, we made mistakes and beautiful sounds in equal measure. With each part covered by only two or three voices at a time, every mistake glared and every beautiful moment belonged fully to the individual singers involved.

One facet of Verdigris’ threefold mission is commitment to engagement with our community. One of the first and most important communities developing is within the choir. As we develop a program where each singer has to truly engage with the text and story while singing, a collaborative energy is emerging between the singers.

As we fumble and grow into these first sounds, the choir of twelve is accountable to each other and the story. If one voice missteps, the other voices falter. As even one singer moves beyond correct notes and rhythms into connection with the character of each piece, the entire ensemble elevates to a higher level of interaction with each other and the music.

A community of high expectations and high fun is growing in the midst of this little group of singers, and we know that we will communicate with our audiences more effectively as a result. We are storytellers first, and we give our audience stories through beautiful, challenging, playful sound.

Verdigris wants to extend this opportunity for connection-building to the Dallas musical community and will be holding semi-regular happy hours where Dallas musicians can meet and mingle. Our first one is tomorrow at Grub Burger on Greenville Ave. If you are a musician, love a musician, or organize musicians, please join us tomorrow and bring your friends. Bonus: tell them you're with us, and Verdigris will receive 20% of your happy hour purchase total. So bring your business cards and a Thursday thirst to Grub tomorrow. Come join our community.

Erinn Sensenig