Time to buy some fancy microphones.


Sam, Verdigris’ artistic director, is full of fun, creative and innovative ideas. As others have shared, his energy is contagious. I have been privileged to sing with this ensemble in their most recent season and am absolutely thrilled to begin working with Verdigris in a new, more involved capacity.

I met with Sam over coffee (of course) and I’m thrilled to share that the rumors are true: Verdigris will be working on a podcast series for the upcoming season!! I vocally debated a fourth cup of coffee in conjunction with testing out the sound system that Sam purchased for the podcast series… due to the incredible quality of the mics, I felt very professional about my coffee debate.

That being said, the ideas for the podcast are blowing me away. I don’t know if it’s just me, but without connection to the characters or the story behind the music or the performers, I am not as invested in what’s happening. I want to see pieces of Bernstein's humanity in his music. What drove him to create? What drives other artists and musicians to create? How do they cope when the waves of life crash into those darker places? What about today’s composers? How do they manage to create honestly and vulnerably in the world of social media, where everything is under constant and immediate public scrutiny? What about my colleagues in Verdigris? What is this group to them? And what about our director? What motivates his intensity and dedication to reaching and connecting through Verdigris?

These are just a handful of the questions that will be points of discussion on our upcoming podcast series. We’ll be interviewing composers, poets, musicians, creatives of all kinds to examine the inner workings of their endeavors. We’ll be looking at issues of diversity, difficulties of fundraising, the education system, and artist’s personal struggles. We’ll be going more deeply into what drives and encourages the dedicated individuals that make up the Verdigris ensemble.

Our podcasts will highlight not just the product but the process. Artistic products can be beautiful and inspiring, but without a glimpse into the process, the experience can seem two dimensional. I am personally thrilled to be doing work to dig into the rich moments and insights leading up to our live performances and the characters and experiences that drive the essence of the Verdigris ensemble.

Lauren Stroh