Sharing the Platform


If you’ve been tuned in to our social media channels over the past two weeks, you may have seen a series featuring singers’ reflections on our first season. In case you are not an avid social-media-lite, here are the thoughts that have been shared so far. These speak for themselves, so I offer them without commentary. We are grateful for these intelligent, skilled, thoughtful humans.

"In Verdigris, I found an artistic ensemble that I needed, one that took a fresh new outlook on choral music both old and new, and one that immersed the singer and listener in an overall musical experience. There’s no room for stuffiness with Verdigris. It’s all about the music and having a blast making and sharing it." - Patrick Jones, bass

"Finding a safe space in the arts is a gift. Verdigris has been one of these safe spaces for me. Not only is genuine creativity and skillful artistry taking place, but there is a sense of trust within the ensemble that happens when open-hearted and kind people gather. The energy is warm and vibrant. We celebrate the music AND the musicians. I am appreciative of the gift Verdigris has been for me through the past year, and I am grateful to continue working with and celebrating such a treasure." - Lauren Stroh, soprano

"As a performer, I love getting the chance to work with some of the most talented musicians in the area. As someone who’s passionate about choral music, I love hearing audience members say things like, 'Wow that was a great concert. I don’t normally listen to music like this, but it was amazing!' I think that’s something that sets Verdigris apart from other choral ensembles: we are taking 'Classical' music out of the concert hall and making it more accessible, and it’s exciting to be a part of that." - Erin Thomas, alto

"One of the most incredible side benefits of singing with Verdigris this past season has been the powerful bond formed with the other ensemble members, most of whom I didn’t know when we first started. Making good music really can be a personally emotional experience, but when a common bond and purpose is shared, the music making is so much more meaningful to both performer and, most importantly, audience.” - David Stanley, alto

"My favorite part about Verdigris this year has been seeing the growth of connection between our organization and audience members. I remember after our Consolation of Apollo performance, a woman came up to me in tears and said, 'Your singing touched me. It reminded me of my late husband. He loved studying astronomy and would have loved coming to this concert. This was very special to me. Thank you.' This is why we do what we do." - Sam Brukhman, founder and artistic director

"Being both a Verdigris audience member and a performer this season, I am very impressed with the programming, which is so committed to a well-integrated music experience. Whether drawing the listener in with a story worn and loved, like the Velveteen Rabbit, or passing through the audience as stars in our galaxy, or recreating a historic moment in American history - these are not performances unto themselves, but rather human experiences which are not fully realized without the investment of both performer and listener." - Charlie Moore, bass

"I remember so clearly the emotions that ran through me the minute the voice actor, Kent Williams, read the words 'There once was a Velveteen Rabbit.' I adored that story as a child, and as an adult, feelings of nostalgia overwhelmed. Then, at the final concert at Royal Lane, when we had all connected to the music in a deep way, we all were looking at each other...not in any fake way, but in a level of communication and union within and without that choral singers rarely reach. Then the level of performance only got higher, more excellent as we as a new choral family, 'slipped the surly bonds of earth'...we reached, musically, the heavens. And this year, my feeling for this group and its potential came into bright focus at my house at the party after the very successful planetarium concert. This was, at its heart, a family. Making music passionately, and crazily, and creatively. And within the safe confines of that family, the sky, and beyond, is the limit. I cannot wait for next season. Dallas is in for a treat." - Katrina Burggraf, alto

In the spirit of sharing the words of friends, it’s time to announce that, over the following weeks and months, this blog will become a rotating platform featuring regular posts by me, Lauren Stroh, and Jonathan Greer, with occasional guest posts by other members and Verdigris contributors. As a group committed to a joyful process while creating a pristine product, we want to continue opening the window wider into the creative forces powering the organization. Thanks for following along with our journey.

Erinn Sensenig