16 Going on 2018


Last Saturday, Sam and I visited Deep Vellum, a non-profit bookstore in Deep Ellum that sells a beautifully curated collection of books by women, immigrants, members of the LGBTQ+ community, and other thoughtful folk. On the car ride from there to a friend’s housewarming party, I noticed that Sam had a calm about him that I hadn’t felt from him in several months. The task of fundraising and completing a sixteen-voice roster for our March concert had him in a constantly heightened state of preoccupation.

When asked about the unusual calm - no constant phone checking or Verdigris conversation - he delivered the best news. We have set our roster of sixteen, and the funding is fully in place to be able to support this final concert series.


Thank you. We are so grateful.

Whether you donated $5 or $1000, you have helped sustain and grow a frail, baby bird of an organization to see another year. With your help we have met the immense task of funding this first season.

On Monday, we start rehearsing for the final concert of our 2017-2018 season. Sam has been rehearsing his conducting in front of the closet mirror for weeks now. We’re so ready to make this happen.

Buy your tickets online now to join us for this final concert.

And then plan to join us for Verdigris: Season Two.

Erinn Sensenig