On the Third Day of Christmas


A short post today as there are rooms to be cleaned, family and childhood pets to snuggle, food to be made, and holiday parties to attend. Verdigris is coming to the close of its first year, and we are feeling deep gratitude for the ways the organization has grown and the supporters who have rallied alongside us.

We ask that you make Verdigris part of your year-end giving. In order to complete this 2017-18 season, we need to raise $6,100. 

We want our donors and supporters to see the ways in which we have fulfilled our goals and mission with the time and money they have given. But instead of my telling you again about our progress, here are some quotes from audience members, donors, and critics about the promise they see in the work Sam and Verdigris have put out so far. We’ve had appreciative comments from concert-goers and outreach recipients, fulfilling our commitment to innovative programming and intentional outreach.

"Sam Brukhman believes in the power of choral music. Just not always in the traditional approach of, as many choral directors put it, 'parking and barking' — having an ensemble stand and deliver traditional songs in a formal concert venue." - Elizabeth Hamilton, Dallas Morning News

"..these were accomplished performances by a group that sang its first concert only two months ago. These were capable and attentive singers, very much committed to Brukhman and his vision. This will be a group to watch." - Scott Cantrell, Dallas Morning News

"The choral group transfixed me with their sneak preview of Becoming Alive: A Musical Narration of the Velveteen Rabbit. But I was surprised to see that the spoken sections of the story were not nearly as intriguing to this little girl [sitting next to me] as the singing. That’s a testament to the group’s mesmerizing skill and showmanship.” - Laurie Lindemeier, LLLOpera Blogger

“Oh, Sam, what a wonderful concert and what an exciting write up in the DMN. I and my guests so enjoyed the concert on the 8th. I've already promised tickets to more friends for the final concert of the season. We will be there in full force.” From a donor and friend to Verdigris

“The singing and entire program were glorious! Every time I looked for you, you were surrounded by fans. You are so creative and talented, I know you will continue to do well.” From a donor and audience member

“You guys are so good! Where did you come from? Heaven?!” An exuberant memory-care resident of Presbyterian Village North, recipient of our Christmas outreach

Here are some photos from a photo booth at our Christmas concert. Our photographer,Dickie Hill, knows how to capture joy, and we’re glad to have helped put these smiles on our audiences faces.

So please make us part of your year-end giving, and help ensure that more audiences can feel the love.

Erinn Sensenig