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Lenny in Letters

Keith Mankin,

10/6/2018 - To Sam Brukhman, the ever-creative founder and director of Dallas-based chorus Verdigris Ensemble, the letters provided a unique source of celebration for the group’s contribution to the continuing festival. Their upcoming concert, Lenny Lenny Lenny! features a bevy of choral works punctuated by excerpts from Bernstein’s letters written at the same time.


There’s a Place For Us

Nancy Cohen-Israel, PATRON Magazine

10/1/2018 - Brukhman and his board also share a strong rapport. Inspired by Brukhman’s contagious enthusiasm, their collective expertise is fostering the growth of the organization. Among them, artist Stephen Zhang, a creative director in branding, designed this year’s marketing materials.


Choral Music for Modern Audiences: Verdigris offers a new perspective in Dallas

Amy Bishop, Arts&Culture Texas

9/19/2018 - Today, [Brukhman is] on a mission to make the world fall in love with choral music through imaginative and innovative approaches. Creating the Verdigris Ensemble is his first step. “There’s something about vocal music that is profound and like no other instrument,” Brukhman says. “There’s some sort of communal feeling that we’re working together to make a piece of art that’s never going to happen in the world ever again together, right now, in this moment. It’s something very spiritual and very sacred.”


Passion Indeed

Richard Oliver,

6/22/18 - What made this particular screening of the film special was the masterful collaboration between the members of various local arts groups. A string quartet made up of members of the American Baroque Opera Company’s orchestra and a four-part vocal ensemble from local choral group Verdigris Ensemble joined forces with California-based electronic artist and composer George Sarah to provide a stirring musical compliment to the silent film. Read More.


Galaxy Quest

Gregory Sullivan Isaacs,

5/5/18 - This concert, each time it was presented, announced Verdigris as a major artistic force, not afraid to experiment while still pleasing the audience; not an easy programming task. Read More.


Brahms at the Bar: Dallas’s Open Classical Re-frames Music Experience

Amy Bishop, Arts and Culture Texas

4/16/18 - One of Open Classical’s newest collaborators is the Verdigris Ensemble, a new Dallas-based choral group led by Artistic Director Sam Brukhman...When Brukhman told him about their upcoming concert based on the Apollo 8 mission, the two agreed that it was a perfect opportunity to work together. Read More.


Star Search

Keith Mankin,

4/12/18 - Immersion is at the core of Verdigris’s art. In young history of the group, they have either chosen music that is a full-fledged story unto itself or have used music to enhance an existing story. Read More.


Lost In The Stars

Gregory Isaacs, 

3/13/18 - The sound was rich and vacant at the same time, much like the blazing glory of the stars in space surrounded by a complete vacuum. Musically, this concert was superb. Read more.


Verdigris Ensemble Is A Choir With Stars In Its Eyes

 Hady Mawajdeh, KERA's Art&Seek Artist Spotlight

3/8/18 - The Verdigris Ensemble is a North Texas choral group made up of singers from around North Texas (Dallas, Denton, Arlington and Addison). They're led by the group's founder and artist director Sam Brukhman. Brukhman's a New Jersey native who studied at Westminster Choir College in Princeton. The group's goal is to introduce choral music to a modern audience using creative concert programming, technology and an nontraditional use of space. Read More.


Big Dreams, Strong Vision

Interview with Ryan Guth, Choir Ninja Podcast

2/26/18 - Artistic Director, Sam Brukhman, talks to Ryan Guth about the 6 primary qualities of a successful choral startup. Listen to the podcast.


Ready for some fresh sounds in classical music? Themes range from 'Beowulf' to Apollo 8

Scott Cantrell, Dallas Morning News

2/24/18 - Innovative programming is a prime focus for the Verdigris Ensemble, a new professional chamber choir led by Sam Brukhman. With 16 singers for its next program, Verdigris is certainly living up to its credo. Read More.


Interview with Artistic Director, Sam Brukhman

John. C. Hughes, Choir Chat Podcast  

1/13/2018 - Artistic Director, Sam Brukhman, talks about how he got started in choral music and why he created Verdigris Ensemble. Listen to the podcast.


The Most Inspiring Stories in Dallas


1/3/2018 - Artistic Director, Sam Brukhman, featured in Voyage Dallas Magazine's "Most Inspiring Stories in Dallas." Read more.


Choral Fans Have a Season to Celebrate thanks to Orpheus and Newcomer Verdigris

Scott Cantrell, Dallas Morning News

12/15/2017 - The group had negotiated the intonation minefields of the Poulenc motets with impressive assurance...these were accomplished performances by a group that sang its first concert only two months ago. These were capable and attentive singers, very much committed to Brukhman and his vision. This will be a group to watch. Read More.


Beyond 'parking and barking'" Verdigris brings surprises to choral music

Elizabeth Hamilton, Dallas Morning News

12/6/17 - Sam Brukhman believes in the power of choral music. Just not always in the traditional approach of, as many choral directors put it, "parking and barking"...Through modern instrument technology, unconventional use of space and creative concert programming, Brukhman hoped his ensemble would expand the reach of choral music. Read more.


What is Real? Engaging Choral Music! 

Laurie Lynn Lindemeier, LLLOpera Blog

10/10/2017 - But, I was surprised to see that the spoken sections of the story were not nearly as intriguing to this little girl as the singing. That’s a testament to the group’s mesmerizing skill and showmanship. Read More.