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Our Mission

Bringing Choral Music to the Modern Audience


We are Verdigris, a professional ensemble of vocal artists exploring the boundaries of the choral medium.

We use choral music to tell our shared stories of the human condition, weaving intricate choral programs into multi-layered experiences. Both in concert and outreach, our mission is to enrich, inspire, and give back to our community through honest choral storytelling.

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Verdigris’s singers are remarkable in their versatility and command of articulation and nuanced tonal quality.. The performance was transformative.
— Eve Hill-Agnus, D Magazine

This Season

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..One of the most innovative chamber choirs I’ve heard..
— Gregory Isaacs,

Our Work

These were capable and attentive singers, very much committed to Brukhman and his vision. This will be a group to watch.
— Scott Cantrell, Dallas Morning News

Support Verdigris 

As a new organization, we rely exclusively on generous donor support to sustain our operations.


Verdigris Tea 

In our effort to make performances multi-sensory experiences, we have partnered with the Cultured Cup to create a specialized tea blend. This tea is a representation, both by look and taste, of our mission. 100% of all sales go to the Verdigris Ensemble. Click on the tea image to learn more about the Verdi-Gris Blend.

Verdigris also embraces non-traditional performance spaces. They feel they have to bring their music to the people.
— Hady Mawajdeh, KERA/NPR